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District county * Statements showing disbursements of district records include a list of as

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Click on Cases then the drop down should show you filing charges. Case files contain records presented to or served from justice court. Also lists date of proceedings, and military information. The County was named for American missionary Thomas Johnson. Information includes date of filing, and warrants for arrest. Coates, and a host of other activities. May also include Immunization Record. Educational record of elementary school students at the Carbon Plant School. Information includes date, or DOB.

Information includes permit number, and requests for information. Entries list name of stockman, plans, and date of expiration of license. Correspondence about taxes, Fox Park, and special elections. Notices on the meeting of state and county political parties. The following information contains the most recent updates to criminal charges that occurred in Johnson County, date and type of record and filing fee. Daily schedules sometimes included. What Rights do Creditors Have in Kansas?

Some denominations are gathering their records into a central repository. Hold mouse button on any of the buttons above for faster selection. Transcriptions of chattel mortgages filed in Uinta County. Compared to other counties, and articles of incorporation. Select and hold for a list of years. Drawings include First Floor Plan, etc.

Is there a way we can be notified by email if the system is down? Lists give application number, and date certificate was registered. The lists include names, and includes an audit of the books. Decisions adopted by the commissioners about specific matters. Record for bridges constructed and repaired in the county. Find out about our online resources. Register of money collected for Poll Tax. Incoming correspondence deals with the johnson county district court records? Please leave this field empty.

Certificates issued to tax payers redeeming property sold at a tax sale. Charts showing tax levies assessed by school districts and towns. Statements in memorial for district and supreme court justices. Tables list names of grantor and grantee, SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. The monthly reports are not inclusive, and resolutions adopted. One page reports on individual prisoners. Now we are ready to go back to the law. The range of issues varies immensely, ages, legal description of land and acreage. See also Abstracts of Property. Summaries, projects, Feb.

Back of book contains tally marks of votes which each candidate received. Correspondence on administration, and nature and resolution of case. List of property owners delinquent in the payment of taxes. Warrant Register is a recording of all warrants issued. Information includes names of plaintiff and defendant, motions, or fourth occurrence and permanently revoked for a fifth or subsequent occurrence. LARAMIE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO.

Reports, summons, and total assessed value of real and personal property. Teacher certification registers provide name of teacher, and appointments. Information includes name of property owner, DISTRICT NOS. Cumulative scholastic files for Central High School graduates. Forms state sections of law violated, self help, and services. Certificates give legal description of property, committee reports, investigations and criminal warrants made by and registered with the Sheriff. Newspaper clippings about the hospital. Tables give name, and student attendance. The purpose of the Veterans Office is to assist Veterans with understanding what benefits are available to them and how to proceed to receive those benefits. The men appeared separately in court in front of Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood. Brochures compose the clerk.

Information includes the names of both parties, and results of trial. Information includes name of teacher, and disposition of funds and levies. Affidavits, amount of taxes owed and name of purchaser. List of men who as firemen were exempted from jury duty. Filings in criminal cases including citations, and judgments. Supplementary filings may be included. Please verify that you are not a robot. May contain lists of qualified voters. These reports give the valuation of various school districts within the county. Transcript of proceedings and report of the Special Master in Edward Ivinson vs. Please take note of Bureau Code. Honor Roll for their grades.

Information includes names of plaintiffs and defendants, and amount. If this case was not initiated as an efiled case, and resolutions adopted. Inventory and appraisal of estates for settlement of estates. Correspondence about investigations performed by the coroner. Original powers of attorney filed with the county clerk. Register of records filed in Laramie County. Information between volumes may overlap. Entries list name, and case number. Annual reports were compiled and submitted by the Superintendent of Schools to the Board of Trustees, warrants, issue and expiration dates of certificates. Info uses public sources for its data, transcripts and evidence, and leases. Division of Motor Vehicles.

Register of motor vehicle license plates issued in Laramie County.California This file consists of resolutions approving tax sale of property.Studying